Equinox Fairy Activation

£ 66.00


I’m doing an activation September 21st.  This is a Fairy Festival.  Fairy festivals take place at crossover points in the seasons.  Equinoxes and solstices are determined by the position of the Sun.  This activation is being done on the Equinox.  This will help to activate your connection with the fairies.  This is an activation to help you to work with and to tune into the fairies.  It will help you to draw closer to them, and to there world.  Fairies are earth keepers, they are the caretakers of the earth.  This activation is to help you in communicating with the fairy realm.  It will enhance it making it  clearer and more focused.  It will help to better connect you in your dreams and in this dimension.  An activation for your connection to the fairies, and to help you tap into your own, or more elemental magic.  Opening you up to fairy magic.

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