Complex Trauma Healing Package

£ 444.00



Living on Earth people are holding such a high level of trauma.  Traumatic experiences are a common occurrence in our world.  In one way or another, every human being has experienced a traumatic event.  If your parents had complex trauma then you most likely do too.   This can look like emotional overwhelm and difficulty trusting people.  It can also look like anger, triggers, mental health issues, or negative thinking patterns.  This is great for healing cptsd, ptsd, third eye issues, and trauma of all kinds.  Great if you’re having problems managing your emotions, or having relationships.  A great healing if you experienced trauma at a young age.  Things like losing someone you loved, accidents, abuse, neglect, bad relationships, breakups, friend betrayals, can cause you to become stuck from moving on.  Trauma causes anxiety, fear, and insomnia.  Invalidation of past trauma has affected your system.  Past trauma affects your relationship with yourself and the world around you.  Trauma leads to emotional disregulation.  That can look like apathy, or feeling numb, or panic.  This can look like difficulty experiencing emotions, and controlling them.  That means when triggered, old emotions from old traumas may come up.  You may act out of character.  Triggers can bring up emotional flashbacks.  Dissociation where you daydream or trance out more than you should.  This can lead to memory gaps, or poor memory recall.  Amazing healing for better regulation of your emotions.  Heals the emotional body.  Trauma can lead to rescuer, rescuing roles playing out.  Seeking out friends and partners who are hurtful or abusive because it’s the only thing that feels familiar.  A deep healing for your body, energy body’s, nervous system, and heart chakra.  Helps to heal trauma, grief, and abandonment from past losses.  Great for healing childhood trauma, and trauma from ongoing traumatic experiences.  Heals abandonment trauma.  PTSD is from abandonment trauma.  Bringing healing to old buried wounds.  Healing for all of this! Great for healing the deeper wounds that keep you on negative trauma cycles.

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