Complex Trauma Healing Package / CPTSD

£ 211.00



We have all experienced complex trauma.  This can be childhood trauma and abuse or having been through multiple negative experiences stacked on top of each other.  Complex trauma is just what you have experienced and what you’re healing from this life on Earth.  It’s the effects your feeling after having gone through everything that you did.  Some signs you have experienced complex trauma are issues with emotional, behavioral, mental, or nervous system regulation.  This can include denial, dissociation, anger, self-destructive behavior, and depression.  If left unhealed can lead to Complex PTSD.  This can look like detachment from your mind or body.  This is disassociation.  Negative thoughts or negative view of self.  This can look like helplessness, shame, or guilt.  Complex trauma leads to feeling angry or distrustful towards the world.  Complex trauma is what you have experienced having gone through not just one, but several traumatic events.  This can lead to so many symptoms within the body.  You may be experiencing issues in your connections and relationships, avoiding people, finding relationships difficult, detaching or disassociating, headaches, dizziness, chest pains and stomach aches.  This is a deep healing and release of the traumatic energies that are stored in your body.  It’s a deep healing for any complex trauma that you may hold.

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