Childhood Neglect Healing Package

£ 211.00



Childhood emotional neglect can manifest into anxious or avoidant relationship issues.  Either showing those traits, or attracting partners that do.  This is a healing for deep insecurities and childhood wounds from not getting the right care or love.  When we didn’t have our needs met in childhood, it’s hard to take care of them in adulthood.  emotional neglect is traumatic.  It sends the message of not being worthy of love.  You suffer self esteem issues , and attracting partners who don’t value you.  Emotional neglect can manifest as symptoms of complex trauma or complex PTSD.  This is a healing package for Low self-esteem, Difficulty regulating emotions, Aversion to affection or accepting support, Heightened sensitivity to rejection, Developmental or cognitive delays, Dissociative tendencies, Shame or guilt around emotions, Symptoms of conduct disorder, Insecure attachments, Negativity toward parents, Social withdrawal, Poor peer relationships, Symptoms of anxiety or depression, Academic struggles, and Difficulty paying attention.

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