Ascension Activation Package

£ 444.00



Ascension involves a whole process of activation within the body.  This is the ultimate ascension healing package.  Will help you to clear and resolve any karmic debt the body may be holding onto energetically.  Will help you to clear and release negative energies within the body.  Brings you into a deeper alignment so that you are able to ascend within this lifetime.  Clearing and healing of your cellular memories that have been keeping you stuck in negative feelings, or 3D karmic loops.  Aligning your frequency, vibration, and energy levels to that of the ascension.  Helps you to raise your frequency and to clear layers of ego.  Clearing lower vibrational energies, connections, and attachments to the Old 3D Earth.  Clearing of physical, mental and emotional symptoms.  Clearing of the old patterns, behaviors and beliefs that are coming to the surface.  Releases blocked 3D energies.  Helping to shift your body out of the old density.  The ultimate healing package on a physical level to fully activate your ascension path.

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