Archangel Blueprint Activation

£ 111.00



This is an archangel activation.  We have an 7 major Archangels or Elohim.  One for each chakra or ray.  This is a healing activation to open you up to better connect you with Jophiel, Michael, Zadkiel, Chamuel, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel.  This activation will help you to better connect so you may receive more of their love, support, guidance, and protection.  Will bring a healing and strengthen your connection.  Will help with overall healing/ chakra healing, healing for each ray.

Archangel Jophiel is of the violet ray of illumination and wisdom.  The Crown Chakra.  Archangel Michael is of the blue ray of spiritual protection.  The Throat Chakra.  Archangel Zadkiel is of the light blue ray of forgiveness.  The Throat Chakra.  Archangel Chamuel is of the the pink ray of spiritual love.  The Heart Chakra.  Archangel Raphael is of the golden ray of divine healing.  The Solar Plexus.  Archangel Gabriel serves is of the white ray of purity.  Sacral Chakra.  The Archangel Uriel is of the ruby ray of peace.  The Root Chakra.

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