Healing Package For Karmic Imprints

£ 255.00


This is bringing a chance to heal this lifetimes karmic baggage.  Saturn is connected to our Karmas in lives, both past, and present.  Saturn represents difficulties and hurdles, trials, and tribulations we have to face in order to clear out the bad and create good karma.  A good healing for any negative karma that you’re still holding, or have moved through.  Healing for your deeper fears, worries.  A deep healing for any karmic energies.  A deep healing for your karmic past.  That way it doesn’t come back up.  Heals deeper karmic issues and stumbling blocks.  Heals negative mindset from past karmic experiences/ imprints.  Dissolves any past, present, or even future karma.  Healing for past mistakes, or traumas.  Heals negative karma and the past imprints from karma you have already experienced.  Ofton times the karma of the past may keep us stuck from moving forward, or stuck in fear.  Healing for past karmic imprints from past karmic experience we had become stuck in your system.  This can block it up.  Your soul has created a lot of karmic imprints during past incarnations.  These can become unconscious blocks.  You have also inherited karmic imprints from your family/ ancestral line.  Their unfinished business got immediately passed on to you.  A healing for karma that may have manifest as not achieving your financial goals, dysfunctional childhood, dysfunctional relationships, running into the same relationship patterns over and over again, manifesting negative things in your life.

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