Healing For Codependent Patterns

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Heals patterns of codependency.  These are usually buried in your relationship templates.  Codependency is relationship dependency.  It can be dependency or codependency learned in childhood to toxic types.  It’s interdependence in a way that isn’t healthy.  Heals codependency issues such as being dependent on others for a sense of value or worthiness.  Heals the core wound of codependency that you don’t believe you deserve to love unless you’re over giving.  Healing for the deep-seated insecurity that fuels your need to rescue others.  Heals the need to be needed, heals the wound of feeding off other people’s neediness.  This can look like rejecting healthy partners and picking narcissistic partners.  Codependency thrives on the needy narcissist.  Heals codependent patrons you may be hooked on.  Heals the wound of feeling unlovable.  Just as narcissism destroys healthy relationship dynamics, codependency wrecks the interdependency necessary for healthy interrelating.  Healing for feeling you don’t need help from others.  Healing for boundary issues.  Heals attracting emotionally unavailable types.  Patterns of running from vulnerability.  Heals projecting on to others.  Shame or manipulative tactics.  Heals blaming others.  Heals control patterns.  Heals pushing away sabotaging behavior.  Healing for damaged codependent templates.  Heals and shifts you into healthy templates.

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