3rd eye activation/ upgrade

£ 66.00



This is a channeled 3rd eye activation.  When open, the third eye chakra may provide wisdom and insight and deepen your spiritual connection.  Experience more clarity, concentration, imagination, intuition, spiritual perception, and connection to the Universe.  The third eye is the doorway to all things psychic.  The illusion of separation between self and spirit dissolves when the third eye connection is activated.  When open, the third eye acts as a doorway for spiritual communication.  Experience more telepathy, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming, astral projection, and aura perception.  Helps you to awaken and experience enlightenment.  Your third eye is your intuitive center.   This activation helps you to access planes of higher consciousness.  Helps you to feel more peace, love and joy.  An activation for your third eye.

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