Ascension Energy Activation

£ 66.00



This is a channeled activation for your energy.  Heal and raise your frequency.  Helps you to become more aware of energy, and the field of energy.  Tap into and read others energy better.  Sense someone’s energy and intentions better.   Helps you to better perceive the subtle fields of energy that your physical eyes often can not sense. This field of energy is a vibratory field charged by thoughts, intentions and emotions.  Not only do people have a vibratory field, but so do plants, animals and inanimate objects.  Once we can see and sense this field, we understand that we are connected on an energetic level and that we can in turn affect our own energy and the energy of others.  Better read people’s energy and if they are good for you.  Better tell what they want and if they are good for you.   Pick up on and sense energy better.  Be able to sense many things from just being near another person.  Amplifies and activates your intuition and ability to read energy.

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