Financial Upgrade Healing Package

£ 255.00



This is a financial healing.  Expect a financial upgrade.  Trauma can cause money problems.  Healing for financial well being.  Heals the thoughts, feeling, attitudes and beliefs that drive the relationship you have with money and yourself.  Heals trauma that causes money problems.  Heals trauma triggers around money.  Financial healing creates better relationships.  Heals the root around negative subconscious beliefs about money.  Healing for unhealthy money patterns.  Boost your finances and wealth.  Healing for money trauma and money avoidance.  Heals sabotaging blocks around your finances.  Healing for negative emotional responses around money.  Heals financial insecurities.  Trauma can also travel through generations in different ways, such as inheriting your parents’ debt.  Healing for debt and money issues, or money blocks passed down the family line.

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