Empath Energy Clearing

£ 155.00



This is a good energy clearing.  Time to get your energy right.  Clears negative energies you have picked up, or that you’re holding on to.  Releases toxic negative emotions stored in the body.  Clears your emotional energy, and old emotional energy.  Releases and clears energy blocks and blocked emotional energies.  Releases and purifies built up energies.  Releases and clears stuck or imbalanced energy in the body.  Get in touch with your deeper emotions.  Empath are like psychic sponges sucking up and picking up everything.  Clears any energies that are not your own.  Clears and release wounded trauma energies.  Clears out old energies.  Clears all the energies and heartbreak you have picked up.  When negative emotions aren’t fully felt or released, they leave behind remnants of energy and get trapped in the body.  A good clearing for your energy and your body.  Experience less burn out and empath overload.  A great clearing for any empaths.

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