Activate Your Angelic Higher Self Connection

£ 66.00


This is a channeled activation.  It will activate your connection to your Angelic Higher Self.  This opens you up to have a stronger connection and to receive more guidance.  Great for activating your crown chakra.  Activate higher awareness.  Quiet the mind down, allowing for more higher information to come through.  This slows your mind for less thinking and more listening/ receiving.  Opens you up to more higher self communication.  Open up to more angelic communication.  Recieve more clear guidance.  The vibration of your Higher Self is your angelic vibration, the vibration of your divine core.  Activates this angelic vibration.  Activates your higher self connection.  Your Higher Self connects you through the dimensions to your Divine Self.  Activate the Angel within you.  Activate your angelic consciousness.  Helps with activation and integration of your Angelic consciousness.

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