Inner Child Trauma Healing Package

£ 311.00


Healing for suppressed childhood trauma, known or unknown.  This could be as little as your sibling not being nice to you, to your parents scolding or disciplining you, to sexual abuse or death trauma.  Repressed means blocked out.  You may have memory loss.  Survivors of childhood trauma often repress memories as a defense mechanism. This blocks out painful past memories.  It also created energetic blocks.  Healing for these energetic blocks.  Healing package for childhood trauma.  People who have experienced childhood trauma develop trust issues that continually affect their relationships as adults.  Healing for those trust issues.  Those who were betrayed, abandoned, abused, or neglected as children often expect others to repeat these patterns.  They then do.  Healing for the deeper pattens that you’re attracting and manifesting on.  This mindset can lead one to avoid pursuing new relationships, pushing away loved ones, or becoming hyper-independent.  A healing for these type of inner child sabotaging patterns.  Trust issues often negatively influence a person’s closest connections, including romantic partners, family, and friends.  Whether the childhood trauma was physical, sexual, or emotional, the impact can show up as relationship issues.  Survivors often believe deep down that no one can really be trusted, that intimacy is dangerous, and for them, a real loving attachment is an impossible dream.  Healing for these type of feelings and beliefs.  Healing for past verbal, physical, or sexual abuse.  Neglect.  Alcoholic parents.  Mental illness.  Abandonment of a parent (divorce, death, or prison.  Severe childhood illness.  Heals anxiety triggers.  Anxiety triggers a reaction where adrenaline courses through the body, telling it to fight or leave a situation. Your heart rate increases, and you may feel sick to your stomach.  Heals stress triggers.  Stress is normal when you are pushed out of your comfort zone.  It becomes concerning when change triggers persistent extreme emotions that interfere with daily life or relationships.  Heals blocked emotions.  Trauma survivors might either feel numb or have overwhelming emotions.  Some find it difficult to identify why they feel irritable, stressed, or angered.  Heals illness.  People with early childhood trauma may be susceptible to developing chronic pain or illnesses later in life.  If people hurt you that were looking after you it can lead to lack of trust and an intense fear of abandonment.  Healing for getting attached too fast, commitment issues, staying in unhealthy relationships, distrust, suspicion or jealousy, separation anxiety, self blame.  This healing is great for relaxation, healing trust issues, and regulating emotions.

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