Light Body Healing/ Activation

£ 155.00


Your light body is your energy body.  Your light body is your vehicle to return to source.  If the goal of each soul is to merge with Source/God, then the activation of our light body is what gets us there.  Healing that focuses mainly on activating and strengthening the Light Body.  Healing for your Light Body which includes your mental body, emotional body, spiritual body, psychic body, and causal body.  Healing and activation for your mental body.  The mental body is one of your subtle bodies.  It’s made up of thoughts.  The Mental Body is the vehicle through which the Spiritual Self manifests.  The mental body is where the seed of consciousness is embedded. This seed is also known as the mental permanent seed and is situated in the crown chakra.  Healing and activation for your emotional body.  The emotional body is made up of your emotions.  The emotional body is the bridge between the physical and the mental.  It represents our feelings and relationship to all things.  It includes the nervous system, and hormones.  Healing and activation for your casual body.  Your casual body is a body made of thought or ideas, rather than physical matter.  The causal body is the the memory body or karmic body.  It’s the shadow.  Heals and brings online more of your Light Body.  Helps you to tap into higher dimensions, travel more easily between the dimensions.  Makes you stronger in your light body and spiritually.  Helps with your body’s detoxification process.  Heals toxics you picked up in the matrix stored in your body.  Detoxes your emotional body.  Healing for your energy, balancing and aligning it.  Awakens your Light Body.

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