Clair’s Upgrade Package

£ 255.00


This is a healing package for your psychic abilities.  It will send an upgrade to all of your Clair’s.  Claircognizance is your clear knowing.  This is just knowing things.  It’s an energy sense.  You just know but you have no idea how, but you’re right.  Things pop into your mind from out of nowhere.  It is the ability to know something without understanding how you know it.  It’s a thought, or a message from your intuition.  Get more messages and intuitive hits.  Clairvoyance is clear seeing.  Get more visions of the past, present, and future events.  Healing for your third eye.  See more in your minds eye.  Healing to bring online more of your own abilities to see the future.  See more through your third eye.  Clairaudience is clear hearing.  When you hear words, sounds or music in your own mind’s voice.  It might be just a word or a phrase and it usually will sound like your voice.  Clairaudients have the ability to tap into psychic spirits.  Brings more of your intuition online.  Listen and hear Spirit.  Hear when the spirit world transmits a message to you.  Clairsentience is clear feelings.  To feel the emotional and sometimes physical pain of someone else.  When you get a strong gut reaction to something.  When you get chills for no reason.  Better tune into the emotional energy of a person or a spirit around you.  If you’re highly sensitive you may be clairsentient.  Brings online the ability to perceive emotional or psychic energy.

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