Arcturian Spiritual Clearing

£ 155.00



Channeled Arcturian energies.  Accelerates your healing process.  A good spiritual cleansing.  Spiritual cleansing is like taking a spiritual shower.  These energies cleanse your subtle bodies from foreign energies.  Cleans and clears negative energies and other peoples negative energies.  Shifts and clears stagnant energies.  A good energy clearing.  A spiritual detox for your energy field.  Clears, grounds, and balances your energies.  Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing.  Clears cording, psychic attachments, and entity’s.  Clears energetic attachments.  Clears unresolved emotional traumas.  Heals and clears fragmentation.  Cleanses and clears fragments that don’t belong to you.  Retrieves all your own soul pieces.  Heals and clears any memories replaying from past lives, or past hurts.  Raises your vibrational energy.

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