Arcturian Psychic Upgrade Package

£ 255.00



Channeled Arcturian Energies of the Arcturian Stargate.  Helps to upgrade and better attune your psychic gifts.  Opens you up to your mission.  Your mission is specific to you.  Your mission involves healing and facilitating change on Earth in some way.  Healing for your multidimensional aspects.  Become multidimensional.  Able to more easily move between and shift timelines.  Move between the dimensions more easily.  Travel and move through the astral planes as well.  Brings online your empathic gifts stronger.  An up-level for your psychic gifts.  Channeled healing to make your gifts stronger.  Clairsentient knowing without being told), and clairvoyant seeing without being told.   This helps you to understand others better.  Strengthens your spiritual connection with nature, animals, or plants.  Healing to turn on your gifts of telepathy.  Read thoughts from long distances away.  Turn on your ability to see both etheric and physical energies.  Helps you to predict future events accurately.  Turns on your ability to heal.  Gifts in spiritual and physical healing.  Connect on a deeper level to other worlds and stars.

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