Financial Karma Clearing Package

£ 155.00


Healing for your financial situation and your attitudes towards money.  Healing for a sense of financial responsibility, frugality, and the need for long-term planning.  Healing and clearing for financial karma.  A good healing and clearing for your finances.  Karmic wealth is the accumulation of both your good and bad karma.  Clearing for your money karma.  Heals and clears negative energies.  Karma is the functioning of your mental imprints.  A good clearing for any negative imprints.  Clearing and healing past energies, will help with how much money you have.  Cleaning up the negative money karma you’re still carrying with you, and those past actions that are still affecting you on a deep level, is a really powerful thing to do.  It can completely shift things with your financial life in the present.  Healing for the inner shadow of over giving.  Clears financial karma.  Healing to help you develop a disciplined approach to money management, budgeting, and saving.  By tapping  into Saturns energies.  By tapping into Saturns energies, we can build a solid financial foundation and cultivate a healthy relationship with money based on practicality and long-term security.  Dissolving and clearing negativity and financial/ karmic blockages.

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