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London Sekhem Activations..

Egyptian Sekhem is an ancient system of energetic knowing that was taught in the temples and master schools in ancient Egypt.  Sekhem connects us to the Universal energies of destruction and regeneration.  This energy opens us to more inner truth and wisdom.  This energy is a doorway to another multidimensional realm.  It takes you beyond time and space through the vibrations.  It activates the highest level of your DNA templates.  SDLH is going to London for the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon.  London is on the Canterbury Ley Line and the Galactic energies will be perfect for sending out activations.  You can sign up in our store!

Ancient Egypt Amulets

In ancient Egypt magic and spirituality were part of everyday life. It was known that negative entities were responsible for many ailments. Because of this knowledge it was known that if you healed the soul the body would follow. Many treatments were supernatural in origin. Many healers used incantations and magic to treat these ailments. Most cures were derived from plant and animal sources. The ingredients were chosen based on the symptoms of the patient. This is the principle of “simila similibus” which means “similar with similar” and can be found throughout the history of medicine. Modern homeopathy was built on this foundation. Amulets were especially popular. They had amulets that classified as homeopoetic, phylactic and theophoric. Homeopoetic amulets usually portray an animal or part of an animal. They are worn so the wearer can gain the positive attributes of the animal. An example of this could be strength or speed. Phylactic amulets protect the wearer against negative entities. A popular example of this would be the Eye of Horus. Theophoric amulets represent Egyptian Gods. An example would be people wore amulets of The Girdle of Isis, this was intended to stem the flow of blood at miscarriage. These were usually made of bone and hung from a leather strap.


Anubis was regarded as the God of death. He is the oldest and most popular ancient Egyptian God. He was so highly regarded because he had tremendous power over not only their spiritual bodies, but their physical bodies as well when they died. Osiris later took over a lot of these myths as God of death. Anubis was actually a Guardian of the scales. He decided the fate of souls. In the Book of the Dead Anubis weighs the descendants heart against the weight of a feather. The feather represents truth, of purity. If the heart is heavier the person would be consumed by Ammit, a female demon and recycled back here. If the scale tipped toward the feather Anubis would lead the descendent to Osiris so they could ascend to heaven. How will your heart weigh?