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Accessing The Akashic

accessing the akashicThe Akashic is within the astral realms, above it to be exact.  It’s usually something people who had a lot of trauma or death experiences people can access, more easily.  It’s an energy that is readable and translatable.  This is an electromagnetic energetic imprint of everything that’s ever happened in the Universe, or ever will.  It’s a vibrational filing system.  The past, present, and future are constantly changing if you understand the natures of reality.  Each action has an entire cycle of cause and effect that follows it.  Your smallest choices create a ripple effect through humanity.  Your Akashic access is stored in your DNA along with everything else.  Your DNA contains a blueprint to all that is.  It has infinite recoding potential.  Hence the hijacking of humanity.  Everyone was reduced to a two strand helix of DNA, thus enslaving and polarizing humanity.  This creates the nature of duality.  The struggle of light and dark was coded into our DNA, encoding the template for humanity.  When we activate our DNA we reconnect to the star systems.  We replace any damaged strands, which then heals and negative mental programming.  Your cellular body is then upgraded to once again holding the cosmic patterns and sacred geometry grids that you need.  You will get your memories back this way and will only be able to access the Akashic through this DNA activation process.  Check out our DNA activation.

Akashic Readings….

The Akashic Records are an energy that is readable. It exists in the ethereal planes. Much like your DNA it keeps an energetic record of everything. It contains all information regarding your past lives, present live, and records of all possible future probabilities. Because it contains the energetic records for all souls, it contains all collective information and data. You are allowed to access this information as you are ready for it. Check out or Akashic readings in our store…


Akashic Records…

Akashic Records comes from a 5000 year old Sanskrit word Akasha which means space. The Akashic Records are a secret hall of records, or a hidden library in space. You can only assess this when you are ready. It can be assessed through the subconscious mind during meditative states. You actually can assess anything you want to know anytime. The Akasha exists at the subconscious level, it’s a state of awareness. If you get good at meditation you can enter these meditative states while conscious and awake. Ego is the veil and what exists past it is information from God. We are multi-dimensional beings and are able to assess lots of information once conscious. Your future will be clear the moment you realize who you are. People are now learning how to tune in and assess their Akashic Record through sight, hearing and or a knowing. Our frequency determines what we can assess always. It’s like our soul works kind of like a radio, you have to tune into the right station to hear what’s going on 😉