Harvest Moon Aura Healing Package

£ 155.00


You’re made of fields of energy that are in constant interaction with others and your environment.  Your aura is your actual energy fields that make up who you are.  It’s also your only protection between you and the rest of the world.  This means you pick up, or can lose a lot of energy.  Negative frequencies, people, and environments can affect our energy, energy levels, and aura.  Weak spots on our aura can cause holes, and even energy leaks.  When we lose energy it causes health issues or low life force/ or energy.  People can steal your energy, or drain you.  This kind of stuff usually happens without you being aware of it.  This is the ultimate aura healing.  This is a good aura cleanse, clearing, and healing.  Great to clear energies picked up, or anything affecting your energy, or energy levels.  Repairs holes and leaks.  Heals your aura making it stronger.  Makes your aura and energy more vibrant.  Cleanses your aura allowing more positive energy in.  Clears negative energy out.  Strengthens your aura.  A strong aura helps to protect you from negative energy.  Having a weak aura can make you more vulnerable to negative environments.  Stronger energy from the effects of negativity.  Cleanse and heal your aura.

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