VDay Love Healing Activation


I’m doing a healing activation for Valentine’s Day.  This will be sent 2:14.  This is an upgrade for your love life.  A clearing and healing for your relationship/ love life and templates.  You’re holding on to a lot of past contracts.  You may have become stuck or stagnant in this area, or may be seeking a deeper love and connection.  This healing activation will help upgrade your relationship/ love situation.  Great for healing the energies of the past.  We enter relationships when we are ready.  As in healed.  Many are stuck literally in time a minute before meeting their Twin Flame.  This can look like being stuck in a phase of healing.  Many are in connections and have yet to integrate the flame fully into their union.  This is a healing activation for your love life and for everyone no matter what your situation.  Will help with healing old wounds and releasing karmic energies.  Will help to activate union templates.  Will help with overall heart, relationship, and love healing.  Great for just feeling better in this area, or to heal energetically.

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