Valentines Love Upgrade Clearing/ Meditation

£ 33.00


We are going to be working with our love templates.  This will be a live stream guided meditation and healing activation.  It’s very powerful to be bringing groups of people together as we are anchoring into these new frequencies.  We will be clearing any, and all, old 3D programs running related to love, such as traumas, blocks, baggage, limiting thoughts and sabotaging behaviours.  This will be a deep relationship clearing.  Emotions and past traumas get stuck in our energy field causing these blocks.  This is a deep heart chakra healing and activation.  Heart chakra healing brings us into better alignment.  This will shift your entire energy field.  This is amazing for anyone regardless of their relationship status.  It’s meant to better align you in love.  Expect a deep spiritual expansion.  It also includes a heart chakra activation to connect you with the Cosmic Heart of Gaia and the Universe.  

Once you purchase your ticket you will be given access to a private Facebook group to be a part of the live transmission or watch the replay.

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