Spiritual Retreat In The United Kingdom (Adult)

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Welcome to the United Kingdom. We are in an amazing place energetically with direct access to some powerful Ley Line energies. We are here during a unique event.  We are in an area that has access to both Gaia’s Heart Chakra as well as Third Eye chakra here at this time.  The energy occurring here Now is very rare as the Third Eye Chakra moves in cycles.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to come utilize these energies for healing while learning and being trained in energy and the spiritual.  

This retreat is for all levels of practitioners.  This will transform your energy in crazy ways.  It’s an amazing venue with focus on teaching detox protocols, cleansing, meditation, holistic heath, alternative medicine, herbal knowledge, spiritual protection, and energy healing.  We focus on mindfulness, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Blue Star Healing, Shamanic Healing, Angelic Healing, as well as Sirian and Pleadian Healing techniques.  

Our mission is to train, as well as Attune and Activate, the Starseeds and the healers.  We them aim to teach these techniques, to assist you on your own healing missions.  This retreat is the perfect place to learn and work one on one with Robin.  Attunments and activations will be done on a personal basis, so you’ll get them based on what you need.  

We have a separate program being offered for any children you want to bring.  Our focus for that program is teaching meditation, astral protection and techniques, grounding, energetic coping skills, chakras, angel cards, and light languages. We will be doing lots of Activations for both the children and the adults.  Any children will be Attuned as well to Reiki Practitioner.  

All of our work is don’t inter-Galactically and through several Galactic counsels.  This program is designed to give you unlimited Akashic access as well to better connect you to these same spaces we work with to heal humanity.  These counsels assist us in scanning and uploading humanity into a Galactic databank, which is the future of healing.  You will be trained in these techniques as well.  We will be doing a group meditation to summon UFOs, which is always amazing to be part of. 

The closest airport is Exeter Airport.  It’s located at Clyst Honiton, in the District of East Devon.  This is South West England.  We are in Plymouth, England.  

Meals and accommodations are not included in this retreat fee.  Your getting more then double the retreat value in classes and healing work.  You will leave with at least one certification per person as well.

This retreat is happening March 22nd- March 24th 2019

£2,000 adult age 14 and up

£500 children age 14 and under


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Adult Reservation

£2,000.00 Per Adult PD IN FULL, £1,000.00 Per Adult – DEPOSIT ONLY

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