Online Shasta Meditation

£ 66.00


This is going to now be an online event.  This will give more people a chance to access it.   We are going to meditate and do activations.  Just amazing healing energies.  The energies of the Ley Lines are powerful for expanding our consciousness.  We want to take you deep into the Shasta vortex’s.   We have mapped out places with lots of spiritual energies and different sightings to get the best locations.  We will be taking you virtually to Shasta and working with the Ley Line energies of Mt. Shasta.  We will be connecting with the Lemurians and Telos.  Shasta is a powerful vortex, full of portals.  It’s knows as the most spiritual place on the Planet.  It’s the root chakra of the world.  The ley lines also align perfectly with the astrological constellations.  Monday May 15th is the Flower Full Moon.  This Full Moon also coincides with a total lunar eclipse.  It’s a powerful Blood Moon.  The total lunar eclipse is at 9:11pm.  It should  be visible from Mt. Shasta.

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