Shasta Online July Meditation

£ 66.00


This will be an Online Shasta Event.  We are meditating and doing healing.  I will be doing a live video from Shasta.  I’ll be bringing through Galactic Activations.  We will be working with the Ley Line energies of Mt. Shasta.  We will be connecting with the Lemurians and Telos.  Shasta is a powerful vortex, full of portals.  It’s knows as the most spiritual place on the Planet.  It’s the root chakra of the world.  The ley lines also align perfectly with the astrological constellations.  Wednesday July 13th we will be doing some energy work.  This is the Capricorn Full Moon.  This is a Super Moon.  This Moon will be extra powerful as it is extra close to Earth.  It will be bigger and brighter then normal.  It’s the biggest Moon of the year.  This video will be at Noon California time (8pm UK time).  If you can’t make it live you can watch it anytime on replay.

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