Orionids Meteor Shower Activation

£ 66.00


I’m doing an activation for October 21st.  The Orionids Meteor Shower peaks on this day.  The Orionids Meteor Shower is connected directly to Halley’s Comet.  People across the world wish upon shooting stars.  It is thought that the rarity of such stars gives them magical powers which might lead to a wish being granted.  This is an Orion activation.  It’s in these aspects that you need the most healing too.  This energy will help you to heal any deep rooted fear.  Great for healing any past life trauma.  Great for clearing for old stories, and old timelines.  Working with your higher self to bring healing and activation to these Orion aspects.  Will help to activate knowledge from these aspects.  Will help you in initiating, clearing, balancing, activation, and alignment of these aspects.  Will help you in activating more of your Galactic Higher Self.  Healing and activation for the Masculine and Orion Aspects.  Sometimes in this life we feel unexplained pain, or sadness.  A deep desire to return home.  This is from our past lives on Orion.  This will help you in healing this too.

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