New Year New You Healing

£ 155.00


This is the ultimate shifting into The New Year Healing.  You have been carrying around so many old energies, and old stories.  This healing will help you in clearing, releasing, and healing the energies of the past.  Helping to shift you into a more 5th dimensional state.  Clearing/ healing your past chapters so you can start a new one.  The ultimate healing so you’re ready for the energies of 2023.  Will help in raising your vibrational frequency to that of the energies of 2023, which will be much higher.  You can do this healing anytime.  Will help you with your goals, dreams, and visions for 2023.  Time to make this dream life happen! A decluttering, and clearing of the energies of the past year, and years.  The ultimate healing to make sure you’re ready to shift into higher manifestations over the next year.  The ultimate activator for your year ahead.

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