Comet Activation

£ 66.00


So excited to be working with the energies of Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF.  This Comet reaches maximum brightness and passes closest to Earth between Feb 1st and 2nd.  We are going to tap into this comet to give you an energy boost.  This is going to help you with your current path, manifestations, and tapping into more of your own inner magic.  This is a space rock, and it shakes things up when it gets close to us.  This Comet Activation will help in activating your Earth and Fire elemental aspects.  This combination activates a lot of creative energy.  Strengthens your own elemental energies.  Tapping into these energies to activate and strengthen your own abilities.  Activating and strengthening more of your own gifts and abilities.  Connects you with the Cosmic Energies.  Helps heal you on your ascension path.  This is a rare Comet and tapping into it will help accelerate your manifestation and will bring in and add a magic boost for your energy.  This Comet is full of a lot of Healing Energies, hence its green color.  This activation will be sent out Feb 1st.

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