Sirian Blue Star Healing Attunement Level Three

£ 155.00



What is a Sirian Attunement?

An attunement is a remote one to one remote session where I channel and hold the connection between The Sirian Masters / energies and the recepient. The attunements activate higher potentials in star seeds by working on individuals on all levels of their being. These energetic activations initiate rapid spiritual growth, the awareness and movement towards Christ Consciousness and Planetary Ascension as well as your own gifts, growth patterns and life missions.

Attunement’s provide energy work:

  • Healing

  • Energetic Purification

  • Activations of dormant DNA, energy centres, growth patterns, higher light bodies, higher chakras

  • Preparing the cells in the physical body to become more crystalline and carry more light.

  • Provide a closer alignment with soul and monad. Increased soul awareness.

  • Attunement with Sirian masters and energies

  • Cosmic clearance to transmute energies across all time and lives

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