All Hallows’ Eve Activation

£ 66.00



I’m doing an activation October 30th.  This is All Hallows’ Eve.  It’s also All Saints Day.  It’s a time to honor and connect with the dead.  That means of your energy sensitive you may be more open to the spirits.  This is a healing to clear any negative, or lower spirits.  It’s a protection activation.  This will be at the thinnest space in the veil between worlds.  It’s an amazing time to connect with loved ones.  This will help to make sure your only connecting with those that have your best interest in mind.  Will help in clearing lower spirits.  This will help to activate your connection with the Spirit World.  It will help to activate your mediumship gifts and what your tapping into.  Will help strengthen your connection to the other side.  Great for those trying to connect more with loved ones or family on the other side.

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