Lionsgate Activation


£ 111.00 £ 55.00


The LionsGate portal is a cosmic alignment which happens until the 12th.  On the 8th day of the 8th month in the star sign of Leo this Gateway will peak. This energy is extremely high frequency, and particularly high at this time as the star Sirius shines brightly down on earth. Sirius our spiritual sun and is a place of higher consciousness. At this time Sirius is also in alignment with the pyramids in Giza.  This is a 3rd eye activation and heart chakra activation in One.  This activation will help you better receive downloads and will help you better access the spiritual realms.  This will help you activate and awaken more of our spiritual self.  This is a powerful energy to use to use to level up in regards to your psychic awareness.  This activation will also help you release any old or current wounds, release any negative love programming and will expand your heart chakra.  I’ll be offering this activation until August 12th when this portal closes.

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