6:6 Twin Flame Activation

£ 66.00


This is an amazing healing for your love life.  Do you ofton pick up you have had a lot of negativity in this are.  Could be things you see on the internet, friends and family, or from the people around you.  The reasons things maybe didn’t work out in the past.  Challenges that came up.  If you have things unresolved karmically or are still holding past traumas these things tend to come out/ or up within your relationships.  This can create deep blocks.  Clearing fear, and past wounds.  Opening up to love, forgiveness, and your fated partner.  The Twin Flame Journey is one of deep healing.  Great for anyone at any place with it.  Healing for past and current relationship, or love blocks.  Helps to heal past and current blocks or wounds around love.  Helps to heal deeper beliefs and blocks around love.  Great for healing separation wounds, or fears around love.  Opening up to a deeper love.  Will help you no matter what your situation.  Healing you so you can call in that spiritual partner.  If you have met them and it haven’t come together will help to heal and shift that! Helping to activate that Divine Timing! Helps to activate the next level of your love life.

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