6:5 Venus In Leo Activation

£ 66.00


June 5th expect the Sparks to fly in your love life.  Thing may get romantic.  Venus enters Leo and will stay here until October 8th.  As Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, meets the fiery and passionate sign of Leo, a powerful and transformative energy is unleashed upon the cosmos.  Venus also makes an opposition to Pluto during this transit.  This means past relationship energies may be coming up.  This is an activation for your heart chakra and your love life.  Great for activating more passion, romance, and love.  An upgrade for your love life.  Clearing those past energies Pluto is stirring up.  This is the doubt, worry, fear, or shadow energies of love.  A healing for the past blocks that may be affecting you now.  Venus in Leo is all about tapping into what sets your heart on fire.  Amazing energies to rekindle old flames, or to spark a new love, or simply open up to a deeper connection.  Healing where you need it for your love life.  Venus is associated with abundance and prosperity.  This activation is meant to activate and bring online new financial opportunities and success.

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