6:1 Jupiter/ North Node Activation

£ 66.00


June 1st Jupiter, the Planet of Luck and Abundance aligns with the North Node in Taurus.  The North Node is a point in the sky that holds our Fate and Destiny.  This is an activation sent tapping into the energies of this conjunction.  This is an activation for your own destiny.  You hold a much bigger blueprint.  Energies to bring it online.  More clarify and clearer energies in the path forward.  Clearing karmic energies to activate higher timelines.  Healing to shift your current circumstances.  Shifting things to get you more aligned with where you’re supposed to be.  Helping to activate a deeper belief in yourself.  More faith in your abilities.  Activating any bigger destined plans that you hold.  Clearing things not for you.  Clearing any blocks in your path.  The North Node is your destiny and sense of purpose.  An activation for your North Node.  Bringing online more of that which is destined for you.  An activation to open you up to better luck, more abundance, and good fortune.  A boost of positive energies.  An activation for your souls purpose.

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