5:28 Crown Chakra Activation

£ 66.00


5:28 is the last day of Galactic Activation Days until July.  This is a crown chakra activation.  Open up your connection to Source/ and the Angels.  Open up to receive more from the spiritual world.  Open up to receive higher frequency energies, transmissions, downloads, and wisdom.  Open up your link with the higher realms so you can communicate with Source/ your Angels.  Opening up your crown allows you to perceive the Angelic Realms.  Having an open crown chakra helps improve focus, memory recall, and general mental clarity.  Activating your connection to Spirit and higher levels of consciousness.  Clearing and healing energetic blockages.  Opening up your spiritual connection and your spiritual path.  Opening up and activating your physical and emotional body.  Feeling more uplifted and inspired.

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