3:24 Sirius Healing Activation

£ 66.00


March 2023 offers us four days for conscious and self-directed energetic further development.  We have 4 Galactic Activation Days we can use for tapping into the Energies.  This is a healing activation using the energies of Sirius.  This is a high vibrational energy activation.  Using the Energies of this Galactic Portal Day.  Infused with Sirian Energies.  Bring healing to your body, chakras, and lightbody.  Channeled Galactic Blue Light sent down through your crown, third eye, and entire chakra system.  Will help to better connect with with the Sirians.  Will help to activate encoded Star knowledge buried deep within yourself.  Activating your Sirian Soul Aspects.  Connecting more with your Sirian Soul and Spirit Guides.  Cosmic knowledge and Star Understanding coming online.   Integrating more of your own deeper soul aspects.  Connecting more with your own guidance and the Galactics more.

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