2:21 Heart Chakra Portal Activation

£ 66.00


I’m doing an activation for 2:21.  This is a Major Heart Chakra Portal.  Exact Moon-Neptune 7-8 degrees conjunct Venus and 15-16 degrees of Jupiter.  Major healing energies and major activation energies.  This is an activation to help release and clear the old and to help bring in and activate the new.  You have spent so long releasing the energies of the past. This will help to clear them.  An activation for your inner dreams and visions.  Using the energies of Neptune to bring your positive fantasies and manifestations to life.  Using the energies of Venus to bring a healing to your heart and your love life.  Taping into Jupiter to add more Universal Luck to your side.  This looks like things aligning much easier for you.  An amazing day to be tapping into the Cosmic Energies.  Using the energies of this Heart Chakra Portal to release and clear the old, and to activate the new.  That looks like new opportunities opening up as old blocks and paths are released.

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