2:2 Portal Activation

£ 66.00


This is a Galactic Activation. This is a huge manifestation and healing portal.  We are doing a 2:2 Portal Gateway Activation.  Tapping into the Galactic Energies to activate more of your spiritual gifts.  We basically can activate superhuman gifts.  This may be seeing or sensing the future, remotely tapping in, becoming telepathic, and being able to astral travel.  This activation is to help you In activating these abilities.  This is an activation to activate your inner wisdom and to activate your intuition.  This is to help you better tune into your empathic and psychic abilities.  This healing is for your third eye and will further activate your clairvoyance, so clear seeing.  This will also help you better see through things around you and to better tune into your life purpose.  This will help activate your ability to see things before they happen, or future events.  Great for connecting with the Cosmic Energies or for just expanding your consciousness with the Universal Energies.  This is also a powerful DNA upgrade.

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