2:2 Pleiadian Twin Flame Activation

£ 66.00


This is a healing activation being done with the energies of the 2:2 portal.  Healing and activation to better connect and bring online your Pleiadian Past and Future aspects.  This is a deep activation to better connect you with your soul.  It will bring healing to your heart chakra, and your love life.  If you have not met or come into a full union with your Twin Flame these channeled codes will help you to activate and manifest that.  Once you have found your Twin Flame the deepest work of your life will start.  This activation will bring you into a deeper alignment and balance with yourself bringing healing to the connection.  No interest in love, this means you need to heal this connection a little extra.  An amazing activation for everyone no matter what the situation.  Pleiadian healing for your love life and Twin Flame Connection.  Channeled healing to help you come into and stay in Union.

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