Money Magic Activation

£ 66.00



Healing and activation for your finances.  Activate more abundance.  Activate more money.  Generate more income.  Great for healing money problems or negative mindset around money.  Feel more grateful for what you already have.  Helps you to attract more.  Activate your abundance codes.  Tapping into the energies of Venus and the Moon on this day to boost your energy and your finances.  Have more come to you.  Great if you’re needing healing in this area, or just some money magic.  Attract more abundance.  Great for activating prosperity and generating greater wealth.  Attract more money.   Activate financial healing and financial abundance.  Open up to more abundance and prosperity.  Money is an energy.  An energy activation so you can have more of it flowing towards you.  Open and activate your energetic flow of abundance.  Heals and activates your relationship you have with money.

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