11/11 Portal Live Healing Transmission


£ 55.00 £ 33.00


The 11/11 portal will bring with it some powerful energy. We will be doing a healing ceremony and working with our Pleiadian guides to bring you some powerful activations. This Transmission will bring you a psychic and financial upgrade. These gateways are a bridge to higher states of consciousness. Number 11 is symbolic of the pillars. This energy holds the frequency of Source and is powerful for manifesting. We also have a rare transit of Mercury across the Sun. This is an amazing placement for our finances. This Transmission will be to release any financial blocks and will do some deep work with your third eye. We will be unlocking the senses and making sure you shift to your highest timeline.

Once you purchase your ticket you will be given access to a private Facebook group to be a part of the live transmission or watch the replay.

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