Twin Flame Past Life Clearing

£ 155.00


Healing for the karmic past life connection that you share with your Twin Flame.  A balancing and clearing for the energies between you both.  Sometimes, one or both Twin Flames may be dealing with a past trauma such as abuse, heartbreak, health issues, a loved one’s death, or relationship issues.  A lot of time the Twin Flame connection itself triggers a lot of past trauma baggage and past life karmic baggage.  Twin Flames heal before being together and once in Union continue the healing.  Separation is the deepest part of the healing journey you will do too if you end up in one.  If there is a separation it’s out of fear of the connection and not being ready.  A good clearing and healing for fears, separations, and blockages.  Heals this lifetime and past lifetimes.  Clearing and healing for past life blockages in love.  Twin Flames and Saturn and Venus have a Romeo and Juliet aspect.  They share a star-crossed lover’s aspect because there is usually a powerful bond between the two.  These connections are riddled with challenges and blockages and if not emotionally, then out of fear or by outside forces that eventually pull them apart.  A good healing for internal fear, and outside energies.  Healing for the past lifetimes of karma they connect too.  Twin Flames are past life fated connections.  Saturn is the glue that binds two people together through time.  Twin Flames have a very deep karmic link.  And it is powerful because the two have been intimately involved from past lives, and now they are just continuing from whether they left off.  This healing is to balance out and clear any debts.  A healing and clearing for that karmic link.  Resolves karma and clears and balances the debts.

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