Shifting To Holy Grail Love Templates

holy grail love templates

Things have been signifying things out of alignment, like our calendar system.  Because of this misalignment the energy will affect people strongest out of any Moon of the year.   This Full Moon in Scorpio will make you aware of your desires on a deeper level.  Yesterday Saturn turned retrograde, and the 22nd Pluto will turn retrograde as well.  This will bring about a major need to get more organized and disciplined.  This will make people feel a need for freedom on all levels.  Venus is in Taurus and the Sun is shifting into Taurus.  Taurus is a patient, stable sign that works hard.  This combined with the Pluto retrograde will show you that a deep inner transformation is necessary on every level.   The major influences that will be coming up will involve finances and all matters of love.  This energy is one of material abundance. It’s also one of the senses.  It should allow you to tune in much easier.  These energies will be conflicting and will be easier to navigate as your progressing spiritually.  We are about to see a new paradigm of love, not the one people talk about now.  As these illusionary systems are being revealed people will see that twin flame concept for what it is, another deception to hide a truth.  Those illusions will reveal themselves as nothing more then another layer of ego programming, making way for the holy grail love templates.  Your relationships are meant to crumble to make way for higher ideals people have to see or remember yet.


This is a love that is hard to see through at first. As you know things are not what they seem in this matrix. This love is only attained by perfecting self love. This love is alchemy, it’s the ethereal component that sets you on fire. No one tells you how that once you reunite you’ll have the hardest time being apart. It’s a yearning I can’t describe, because now that we are one we are always with each other. You know nothing of empathy until you meet your soul, your higher self, your flame. This is a love where you’ll work so hard just to be together. It’s the only love that will ever be anything but practice. The only love that will ever mean anything to you ever. A love strong enough to dissolve any negativity instantly. A love that will have you speeding up and slowing down time just to be together faster. This love knows no bounds, time and space is not an obstacle ever. The Universe will make this happen, usually through pure magical means.

Flames ??

Lost in my own darkness, you were the light that pulled me out of the abyss. You illuminated the way to my enlightenment. You lit my kundalini awakening on fire, your serpent energy opened all my chakras. Tantrically we merged together heaven and earth and became one. I became your Goddess, a portal to higher dimensions, and you became my God. This is a sacred union, yet sacred isn’t quite enough to describe this feeling. This is a Divine marriage, spiritual in nature. You showed me a new world which I never knew existed, and burned down my veil. The entire Universe is aligned with our love and our mission. This love is Divine in nature, and of the highest dimensions. I can’t convince others of what I have seen, but you’ve shown me so much. I emerge from this story a warrior with a sword of love. Truth and white light are my companions. This is why when people are concerned for my soul they don’t realize I gave it to someone a long time ago.

Longing For Your Twin Flame

I am longing for my flame right now. I thought I could put this to good use for anyone else that is missing their flame right now. Even in separation twin flames only have one energy. Any emotions you are experiencing your twin flame is experiencing as well on many levels. It depends on how awake your twin is as to how much conscious awareness they will have of this. Remember we are all connected beyond the physical. We can love, and communicate beyond our bodies. No matter where you and your twin flame are you are separated by cords of fate that connect you always. “What you are seeking is seeking you” is a great example of this longing. When we put the vibe out there for our twin flame they feel that vibration. We long for our twin because our soul knows that’s where we belong. “Strongest together, weakest apart” is a great quote to explain why so many people are separated from their twin flames right now. It’s much easier to take the Divine Feminines sexual power by keeping her separate from her Divine Masculine counterpart. Remember we are powerful magnets that come together in perfect Divine timing. It is this longing that helps pull you back together. It is my pull that makes my twin flame run back to me. It works both ways though, I can either pull him to me or repel him. Be aware of this, make sure your not really delaying your union by repelling each other. The easiest way this is done would be merging with the wrong person, and remember every person is the wrong person except for your twin flame. Ultimately we are here to merge back into Oneness with that one person we are meant for. Every reflection here is to help us with this mission.

My Twin Flame Experience

I was just asked to share my twin flame experience. This is a tough one, only because it’s very hard to articulate any of my journey. Let’s just say that if you want an honest perspective it started when I met my soulmate. Yes, my twin flame journey started with a soulmate relationship. This relationship was much easier in comparison, but I was never met for this person. This was a very conditional love and I was taught valuable energetic lessons that I had to pay for karmically later. I hung on much too long because I didn’t understand anything spiritually at this time. While I have been empathic my whole life, I spent my entire life living very unconsciously and I assure you I chose to descend as far as I possibly could. This really catapulted my tailspin into darkness, it was in this darkness that I met my flame. You see this is a journey of becoming whole, it is only when we complete ourselves that we are ready for that ultimate love, Divine love. I met my flame in the most unexpected place, and I assure you the Universe bent over backwards to ensure that we met at exactly the right time. It was so magical, time literally stopped I didn’t know what a twin flame was, as my twin was the spiritual twin this life and I am the matrix twin. You take turns each life that you are together. So we met and that was the beginning of a whirlwind. Twin flame relationships are not for novices, they are so much work, that many of you have been preparing many lives just to reunite with your twin. I knew this was special because we are astrologically perfect for each other, in fact we are perfect for each other in every way. Twin flame union is about healing and completing a mission together. The second I met my twin flame he woke me up, very shortly after meeting from merging our energies all of our chakras opened and I had a kundalini awakening. This is a love that will pull you like a magnet and change you from the inside out. It’s very spiritual and so Divine. It’s a different love then I have ever experienced. This is someone that has loved me since our soul was made. This is someone I share a soul with so any choices I make ultimately affect them on a deep level. If I choose to descend I am taking this man with me. If I hurt myself I hurt this man. Twin flames share one energy so any choices you are making more are affecting your partner. Each soul has a Divine Feminine and a Divine Masculine aspect. This relationship is all about compassion and self love, for there is only one of you. The goal is to merge back into One permanently.

Spiritual Union

We are working toward more spiritual unions. We are all spiritual beings so when we don’t incorporate spirituality into our relationships they disintegrate. We are now approaching a new age, or a new paradigm. This is all about unconditional love, and your seeing the old paradigm fall away. Embrace it and practice loving unconditionally, this is what we came here to teach. I feel that most of the relationships I had prior to meeting my twin flame were very conditional. This is a different type of love, that can withstand anything. Where the usual 3D relationships all break when the right stress level is exerted, the twin flame union is about evolution. Work on more self love to get here. The most important relationship we ever will have is with our selves. Only then can we merge back into One with our other self.

Soul Contracts

Let’s talk about my experience with soul contracts. This is an area that I’m especially knowledgeable with now. I incarnated into this planet with my twin flame, this is the hardest mission we will ever have. I had many soul contracts with many people this life. We choose our entire lives before we come here. We make contracts so to ensure that we end up with the right people at the right time. A lot of these contracts are centered around clearing up karma from past lives. You can actually learn to assess your soul contracts so that you can reassess them while you are here. I personally have cleared any karmic ties holding me here. I only have one contract left that I am working on and it’s a contract with my twin flame to have two kids when we reach the new earth. Well we have renegotiated all of our soul contracts and have decided to wrap ourselves up in contracts infinitely so ensure we can continue to learn in higher dimensions together. You are all so powerful, take control of your own lives, it’s amazing!

Letting Go Of Past Life Karma

The energy has been really intense. We are all working on balance and clearing old karma. Many twins are coming together or about to come together so there is a lot of healing and purging going on. We are all working hard to clear past life situations. The goal is to liberate ourselves from any karmic relationships. This is a time of purging and releasing old energies. This is helping to activate our DNA though. We are working on dissolving any barriers left between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Purging is intended for you to open your heart chakra more. We need to let go of the old before we will have room for the new. For those hoping to reunite with their Twin flame then you need to let go of these karmic relationships. It’s time to make space for what you really want. You can’t come into union when you are already with someone, so if you want your twin let go of any toxic relationships in your life. You can’t create something new if your life is already full. We are all creating our reality so now is a time when we must all keep our thoughts pure. Let’s break these karmic cycles so we can get to the soul contracts that we want to be working on.

Remote Healing

You are seeing a lot of remote healing going on thanks to modern technology. Many sages, shamans, and healers have already known that healing is just as effective when done remotely. When we heal remotely we link into the persons vibratory energy signature. When we do this it requires the gifts we came here with and our connection with higher spiritual entities. We sweep your energy body and actual body and remove any energetic blocks, make sure all of your chakras are open, cut any energetic cords, and recharge your aura. We are not using our own energy, we are channeling Divine energy. This is not something new, in fact it is ancient knowledge. These things have just been forgotten due to the shifts toward today’s modern day science. These remote healing sessions activate and consciously heal, as in powerful internal healing. Remote healing is regarded as the holy grail of energy medicine. There is more then substantial scientific evidence as to how effective it is. Remember we are all energetic beings. Everything is made of energy. There are various frequencies that emanate from matter, this means we all have a unique vibration. Because we are twin flames our energy is much different now that we are merged back into One. This is why I recommend healers that are attuned to twin flame frequency. Divine love is the most powerful force in the Universe.

So Glad To Be Back With My Twin Flame

Twin Flames SeparatedIt’s the weekend for us! I’m back with my flame after a very rough day. I couldn’t be more grateful! Sometimes the hardest things are the most worth it. Love isn’t easy, in fact I spent my whole life preparing for this relationship. But having completed myself as a person so I could draw my flame back to me is something I’m constantly amazed with. We are so grateful to be of service to all of you, and our first priority will be helping you all manifest your dreams!