Rainbows are mirrors that reflect others back on themselves. While they may reflect there is an absorption that occurs. When a pigment absorbs a photon of light, it becomes excited. This means it has extra energy making it no longer normal. On a subatomic level it goes through excitation. This is when an electron is bumped into a higher energy orbit. This doesn’t always just occur. It takes a photon with just the right amount of energy to bump an electron, in between orbitals in a way that can excite a pigment. When a pigment becomes excited it becomes unstable. To stabilize it may transfer this extra energy. As above so below.

3 Waves

I would like to talk about the three waves of volunteers. The first wave is generally of the “baby boomer” generation. These people do not want to be here, they long for home, yet don’t know where that is. Many of the first wave have attempted at suicide. This first wave is now starting to die off.
I am part of the second wave. The second wave can range in age, usually between 30-40 though. The second wave doesn’t have or want children most of the time. This wave is pacing the way for the third wave. They have a hard job of fighting these corrupt systems that are not serving us.

The third wave are the children, the crystal children. These kids are babies to 5 years old right now. They are being born with all of their DNA already activated and all their chromosomes turned on. These children are here to build the new world, they are the hope of the future. They telepathy, and a lot of these children are being put on medication. I advise anyone to keep their children away from medication, especially ADHD medication. These medications are detrimental to these children.