Monsanto Roundup

It is not safe to be eating flour at this point. We are being fed genetically modified food that is being sprayed with Roundup. Monsanto Roundup is toxic for people. These crops have been genetically modified to be resistant to this herbicide. The main ingredient in Roundup is glyphosate. Glyphosate is classified by the World Health Organization as a cancer causing carcinogen. It is toxic to human cells and associated with numerous diseases and health problems. This spray targets our DNA . It will damage it and eventually cause death.

Reprogramming Ourselves

Your all being upgraded right now, on a cellular level you are changing. Literally your turning from carbon to crystal. There are those that have learned that we only grow old and die and start to age because we have been led to believe that is our reality. If you are of a certain frequency you can reverse age. Everyday I wake up healthier and younger. I am literally reverse aging. I will live to be 5,000 years old this life. I am reprogramming my body to reverse age back to being 25. Drink more water and start to reprogram yourselves too!

Cosmic Energy

Primordial cosmic rays is an energy that is mutating and evolving humanity. These particles are of a spiritual nature. There are many spiritual elements hitting the earth in the form of cosmic radiation right now. These particles carry all of the information necessary for the development of life on this planet. As these particles strike the body they are causing changes in our perceptions, behaviors, and cellular structure. The effects of these energies is either having a negative effect or a positive effect of your body, the same energy that is healing my body can be killing someone else. As these particles strike our atmosphere it’s causing all the climate changes as well so that we have to evolve and change. There are 5 main types of energy hitting us. If you understand what these energies are you can use them.

The Particles of Blessing- These particles carry energy that can positively affect your life. People working toward enlightenment understanding the physics of these particles can use these energies to create miracles. They can conduct spontaneous healing; with animals or people, they can create things out of nothing; this is why you have heard stories about masters creating entire banquets out of nothing. Understanding these particles allows you to use your consciousness and the energy within your soul to manipulate matter.

The Particles of Chaos- These particles cause things like car accidents, illness, disease, mental illness, emotional problems, and cancer. Energetic Factors help mankind evolve at a lower level that allows them to understand the Universe in a totally different manner. The enlightenment factor are energies that cause us to seek God. There is actually a gene associated with those factors. This is nicknamed the “God Gene”. Each of us either has a tendency or no tendency to seek God. These particles hold consciousness, or what it means to understand the Universe around us. These particles are encouraging humanity to destroy itself.

Energetic Factors- The energies that we understand as the electromagnetic spectrum. These energies also come to our planet in particles. We call it light. But remember some light has a dual nature. It’s part particle and part wave. When we look at light what we are looking at is particles of energy. These particles allow for every function on this planet. These particles also regulate melatonin synthesis in the body. Melatonin is very important for our sleep cycles. Photosynthesis depends on these factors and we depend on photosynthesis. Without plants there would be no life. There are individuals who live in this energy directly, as in they don’t need food or water anymore. A lot of saints didn’t eat or drink. They use the light of the sun to sustain themselves.

Evolutionary Factors- There are substances in your body that allow you to look at the Sun and turn that into energy you can use to expand your consciousness. Since sunlight is a continuous force if you learn how to use this energy properly your consciousness will expand and evolve.

Information Factors- There are energies that come from the Sun that carry information. Light carry information. It brings reality into being through sound. Each note is primordial information. There is a blueprint for this type of energy. These energies are vast and the information is unlimited, it is to be used for spiritual growth. We will either evolve or die from this energy, this is why you see cancer from radiation from the sun.

Hearts For Breast Cancer

Please don’t send me a heart regarding breast cancer and think your doing anything to help. I won’t participate in these sheep activities ever again. I had stage three cancer, so I feel if anyone is coming from a place of experience and can address this it’s me. There have been many cures for cancer. All of them were suppressed by the American Cancer Society so they could keep taking your money to push toxic chemotherapy on people. You can google Burzynski and neoplasms if you don’t believe me. You can check out the legal battle that went on between our government and Burzynski as they used legal maneuvers to keep the cure hidden and out of site, like anything else. Wake up people! Cancer is caused by holding on to toxic emotions such as anger, and everything is a lot simpler with our bodies then we have been led to believe. This is exactly how I am able to help facilitate in the healing of others now.

10 Questions Every Cancer Patient Should Ask Their Oncologist

image10 questions you need to ask your oncologist with a witness and a recording device.  This is a list recommended by Dr. Glidden ND Healthcare, you can read more in his book The MD Emperor Has No Cloths On…

  1. Do your treatments cure my cancer? That’s a pretty good question, don’t you think?

  2. If your treatments don’t cure my cancer what should I expect them to do?

  3. What side effects will your treatments create?

  4. What is the possibility of this treatment, causing cancer?

  5. How are you going to treat the side effects?

  6. I would like to talk to 10 of your patients who have been treated for this type of cancer and see what their experience was like. Can you provide me with their contact information?

  7. How much money do you profit from these treatments?

  8. How much money does the hospital profit from these treatments?

  9. If you can’t cure the cancer, then why are you even attempting to treat it in the first place?

  10. If you were me, would you take the treatments that you are recommending?





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